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As Civilization Passed...

the year 2000, a great cultural revolution immersed the world in a peace which was to last up to the present time. Governments, as we know them, ceased to exist, and with the governments went world economy. With the invention of the first multi-purpose robots, life became very easy and time was spent on developing the creative mind of man.

It was the "creators" who ran society. while robots looked after essential administration, men and women teamed up as "creators" for the good of the whole. The better the creations produced, the larger their sphere of influence, inevitably becoming the ruling powers.

Science and technology was at its zenith. In the year 2014, the Star Drive Rocket had been invented by Joseph Harding and a year after the Star Drive Corporation ruled the world market. With Star Drive Rockets capable of hyperspace travel, the Star Drive Corporation began to mine the nearby planets bringing valuable minerals and ore back to Earth. But their rule was about to end, in fact, to surrender and merge into the now legendary VIBRA CORPORATION, creators of the most revolutionary invention since the wheel...the VIBRACON GLOBE.

A team of bio-scientists working for VIBRA had stumbled upon a new energy source. They had found a way to amplify the VIBRA rhythms (or energy in emotions) sent out by the human body aura, and to harness them as an independent force. This new energy was used in many ways, the best known being the VIBRACON GLOBE.

The GLOBE was used primarily in the production of robots which were offered for sale to qualified customers for use in the following manner: one would buy a robot, at that time the Mark I costing 1000 Drimes, and the robot would duplicate the buyer's VIBRA rhythms thus giving the two a personality of one.

It was the VIBRA Corporation that first instigated colonization of the planets, and it was in Star Drive rockets, constructed by the VIBRA Corp. the first pioneers left. World overpopulation was getting worse. People had to be stirred into looking to the stars. The VIBRA principle was used in creating that situation. Music was composed to help people get into the glories of space travel, ("Starship Jingle"), and rockets were built to carry thousands to the stars. The first ship took off in 2035, and each year more followed.

While Earth and her nearest neighbors flourished, the Star Drive Rockets sailed through their generations of hopeful pilgrims. Ten generations later, with the loss of many ships, they sighted their goal. In another galaxy, they discovered a beautiful planet which they called NEW EARTH. The year was 3035.

It was a glorious triumph for the VIBRA Corporation and the begining of the legend which would reach every corner of the known universe.

It didn't take long for the inhabitants of NEW EARTH to make alien contact, and amidst the treaties and federations there grew a great love of creative passtimes.

Director of the creative departments of the VIBRA Corporation was Professor Lanse Roegring. It was the Professor's job to make sure that cultural relations between the planets ran smoothly, and it was Roegring who first came up with the idea of an...InterGalactic Touring Band.

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