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Greetings, Galactic Friends!

Here it is. Need more be said?

Image of the IGTB album cover
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Thank you,

Steven Douglas Huddleston
WebMaster: The Inter Galactic Touring Band Web Site (A tribute)
Mexico City, Mexico, Planet Earth, The Solar System,
Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Super-Cluster, The Universe, Existence

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All Inter-Galactic Touring Band Material contained in these pages is owned and Copyrighted by:
Passport Records, Inc.
The sole interest of these pages is to promote the IGTB album and try to bring about a reissue.
No profit will be accepted from this action or any consequence of this action.
All graphics are either reduced in size, decolorized or both.
No IGTB material is available from this source to anyone in any form other than what is shown here.
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